Handling Property Division In Florida

The guiding principle used to divide assets, property and liabilities in Florida is called equitable distribution. It assumes that because a marriage is a partnership, each spouse has equal responsibility to the assets and debts. This is why, during divorce, marital assets and debts are divided in half.

But property division isn't always that simple. Over time, as a couple's assets become more entangled, it can become more difficult to determine what is separate and what is marital property. Disputes can also arise over the valuation of certain property, and divorcing spouses may also argue over the tax implications a divorce settlement could make. How couples decide to sort out these issues determines whether or not a family law judge will need to intervene.

A Different Approach To Property Division

Having handled hundreds of divorce cases over the last 28 years in Lake County and Sumter County, I know how frustrating equitable distribution can be, especially if you're a man who brings in less than your wife but you have the same financial obligations. Sometimes, it can feel like the courts only care about who has the deeper pockets, not about whether a particular division of property could lead to your financial ruin later on.

I represent men in property division cases because I sincerely believe existing prejudices can lead to unfair outcomes, leaving a man feeling like a second-class citizen. The courts might not care about what happens to husbands after a divorce, but I do. I want to know that they were given a fair portion of the marital assets and not stuck paying for debts they didn't help create.

I help the court to see this rationale by pointing out:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Inheritances
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Who is responsible for certain debts
  • Each spouse's contribution to the marital income
  • The current economic circumstances of each spouse
  • Property and business holdings secured before the marriage

I help my clients untangle their assets so that property division can truly be equitable. If this can't be done amicably, I'm perfectly comfortable presenting my client's side of the financial story to a judge if need be.

I Care About Your Financial Future – Let Me Help You Protect It

Property division is a highly involved part of the divorce process for both spouses and for their attorneys. You need a lot of time to fully address your needs. This can be incredibly hard to do, though, with an attorney who isn't local and in the Tavares area.

At my law firm, The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Wiggs, you can rest assured you're getting a qualified, experienced, local lawyer who has time for you. I welcome you to call my Tavares office at 352-253-0100. Ask for me, Jeffrey W. Wiggs. Schedule a free initial consultation and see how I can help you.