The Dissolution Of Marriage In Florida

Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce. This means you don't have to bad-mouth your spouse in order to convince a judge that your marriage should be dissolved. Instead, you only need to prove that your marriage is "irretrievably broken" and that you or your spouse meets the state's residency requirements.

Though some divorce proceedings can be handled collaboratively and with little disagreement, not all proceedings end so amicably. Some are emotionally trying, forcing couples into difficult legal situations they're typically not prepared to handle on their own. They may also have to contend with disagreements, prejudice from the courts, and a potentially combative spouse whose only desire is to bury their partner financially.

Frustration is common when facing divorce. I know this because I see it happen all the time, especially among men.

Seeking Fair Resolutions For Husbands And Fathers

Times have changed. Men are no longer expected to be the sole breadwinners while their wives stay at home and take care of the children. Roles have reversed. Unfortunately, though, the old prejudices still exist, sometimes resulting in:

Most lawyers don't see the prejudice against men in the dissolution arena, but I do. I know that if your counsel doesn't completely understand what you're going through, you could see an unfair outcome in your divorce. And it is my sincerest belief that fair and equitable resolutions can only come from abandoning these prejudices and focusing less on a spouse's demands and more on what is in everyone's best interests.

I make sure my male clients have a strong advocate in their corner who isn't afraid to confront these prejudices and educate the courts in the process. How many other attorneys can say the same thing?

Protect Your Rights And Your Financial Future – Call Me, Jeffrey W. Wiggs

The divorce process can be emotionally and financially challenging for men, especially if they encounter an attorney who doesn't fully understand their needs, a spouse who cares more about money than their former husband's future, and a judge who isn't focused on reaching a fair and equitable resolution. I know all of these elements can make a difficult situation worse, which is why I offer my services to divorcing men across Lake County and Sumter County.

I've practiced law for more than 28 years and handled several hundred family law cases, from divorce mediations to trial proceedings. I know how to act as an advocate for you, regardless of how complex your case may be. Need further proof? I urge you to contact my law firm, The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Wiggs, in Tavares by calling 352-253-0100. Schedule your free consultation immediately and see the difference I can make for you.