Fighting To Maintain Custody Of Your Child

Florida family law encourages parents to share custody of their children in order to continue to foster the relationships they already have. When determining custody arrangements, judges typically keep one main thing in mind above all else: the child's best interests. If an arrangement would be detrimental to the child's welfare, then, in rare cases, a judge may order sole custody.

Unfortunately, most parents don't consider this when approaching child custody and support issues. Their love for their children is only matched by the loathing for their former spouse, resulting in bitter arguments and mudslinging that is neither good for custody situations nor is it in the child's best interests.

What You Can Lose If You Don't Fight

In the last 28 years, I've seen hundreds of custody negotiations breakdown because one parent started bad-mouthing the other. Far too often, the father is the target.

This puts men in very difficult positions though because they oftentimes don't know their parental rights well enough to fight back. They may fold under pressure, and end up agreeing to pay child support amounts that leave them struggling financially, or agreeing to a custody arrangement that does not allow them to see their children as much as they'd like to.

Other Situations That Can Create Legal Problems For Men

Though some parents believe that withholding support payments is the best way to force their former spouse into making a better visitation arrangement, all this does is encourage the intervention of the courts. Failing to make payments can lead to jail time in Florida, which only takes you away from your family more.

Accusations of physical abuse of a partner or child can also interfere with your family relationship. A judge might see the allegations against you as reason to change a custody arrangement. You could even face an injunction or lose custody altogether, depending on the circumstances of your case.

How Lawyer Jeffrey W. Wiggs Can Help

Though some still believe that a mother knows best when it comes to her children, I don't believe that's always true. Fathers are just as equipped to care for their children as mothers are, meaning they have just as much of a right to fair custody arrangements and to receive support payments.

It's because of the continued bias against men that fathers in Florida tend to face uphill battles with family law issues. That's why I, attorney Jeffrey W. Wiggs, stand as an advocate for fathers and husbands in Tavares, across Lake County and Sumter County, and in The Villages area. I educate my clients about their rights and bear the burden of taking a claim in front of a judge, if necessary.

Not sure if you need legal representation? Call my law firm, The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Wiggs, at 352-253-0100 and schedule your free initial consultation. See how I can help you protect your parental rights during your time of need.