Alimony: Financial Support After A Divorce

Whether you're an out-of-work spouse or the spouse who makes more money, you may see your upcoming divorce as incredibly problematic. You may rely on your spouse for financial support, or it may be the other way around. When the marriage ends, that support ends too, which can be scary for the lower income spouse.

It's in situations like this that the topic of alimony arises. While in the past women primarily sought financial support after a divorce, times are changing. Nowadays, a growing number of men are seeking alimony in its many forms: temporary, rehabilitative and permanent. But due to lingering prejudices in our culture, some men encounter pushback when seeking alimony, which is a major problem in this attorney's book.

The Difficulties Men Face When Requesting Alimony

Though alimony, also referred to as spousal support, can be awarded to either spouse depending on need, there are some who disapprove of men asking their ex-wives to make alimony payments because of the fact that men were historically the breadwinners of the family. These people don't understand, though, that times have changed. Women can be breadwinners just as easily as men can now. I don't think the prejudice should only go one way, do you?

My name is Jeffrey W. Wiggs, and though it may seem unorthodox to some, I focus my family law practice on men in Tavares, Florida, Lake County and Sumter County, who need help filing an alimony request and fighting against one. I understand that circumstances have changed. Men need representation now, and sometimes ex-spouses and judges need to be reminded of this fact.

You Have Rights – Protect Them With My Help

Whether you're the breadwinner of your family who is being asked to make unreasonably high alimony payments, or an out-of-work husband who needs financial support to get by, I can help. I understand the challenges you face and know that you put your financial future at risk by failing to seek experienced legal counsel. Let me help you address your financial future the right way after a divorce. Let me handle your alimony request.

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