Taking A Different Approach To Family Law Issues In Florida

Whether I'm helping someone walk through the divorce process or tackling a particularly problematic custody situation, I always put the needs of my clients first, especially if they are husbands or fathers. That's because times have changed. Men are no longer required to be the breadwinners of the family. Unfortunately, old prejudices die hard, and men in Florida still have to contend with biases that make fair and equitable resolutions a challenge to get.

Many years ago, I was told by another attorney that divorce was somehow more criminal in nature and criminal matters were somewhat more civil. In my opinion, nothing could be closer to the truth. Whether intentionally or not, some judges assume men have the deeper pockets, making them prime targets for spousal support orders and child support obligations. I don't think that's right though, which is why I focus my practice on protecting the economic rights of men in Tavares, Lake County, Sumter County and nearby in The Villages.

Jeffrey W. Wiggs – Getting Results For Those In Need

It's in my most sincere opinion that men often get treated like second-class citizens in the dissolution arena. They are often looked at as the providers, and yet they often encounter pushback when facing child custody issues. When facing allegations of domestic abuse, men generally face burdensome injunctions that must be fought tooth and nail to lift. Without experienced legal representation that truly understands a father's or husband's needs, these men have a slim chance of finding a positive resolution to their family law issue.

My name is Jeffrey W. Wiggs, and I'm just the attorney to help. The prejudices against men in our family law courts have gone on far too long. Whenever possible, I speak out and inform the court about these prejudices and their negative impact on husbands and fathers. If necessary, I'm prepared to present case authority to help my client's case, as well as propose alternative solutions that are more aligned with my client's best interests.

See The Difference My Unorthodox Methods Can Make

Whether you're facing divorce or any of the various issues often associated with it, my law firm, The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Wiggs can help. I keep it local, providing focused time and attention to clients who truly need my help.

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