The Penalties You Face With Drug Charges

From teens and young adults caught for possessing small amounts of cocaine to adults accused of trafficking marijuana across state lines, I've seen people from all walks of life face serious drug charges because of simple mistakes. But whether it's their first offense or another strike on a person's record, my more than 28 years as a criminal defender tell me that prosecutors rarely go easy on anyone. If a harsh punishment can be delivered, Florida prosecutors will try for it.

Penalties range depending on the drug offense, the amount of illegal substance found in a person's possession, and whether or not an individual has any prior convictions. What might start as a reasonable fine and the chance of public service could easily escalate to thousands of dollars in fines and severe prison sentences.

If you don't have a lawyer at your side, you could fall prey to aggressive prosecutors who might push for plea deals that don't always make the situation any better.

Civil Asset Forfeitures Bring Hardships

On top of facing steep penalties, those accused of committing drug crimes – and even those who aren't even associated with the crime – may find some of their belongings seized by law enforcement. Allowed by the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act, civil asset forfeitures are commonplace with drug crimes and other criminal investigations. They nonetheless create a unique problem for those caught up in the court proceedings.

Innocent people might find themselves facing a judge, prosecutors and even police who may all push to keep the seized belongings. Defendants face an uphill battle to regain possession, but without always succeeding. Many simply give up rather than fight what they see as a losing battle.

Get Representation That Has Experience Handling It All

I am attorney Jeffrey W. Wiggs, and I've successfully handled thousands of criminal cases involving a wide variety of drug offenses, including all levels of possession, trafficking and manufacturing charges for a variety of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and prescription drugs.

I've handled aggressive prosecutors before and gotten results that left my clients feeling optimistic about their futures. I also know how to handle civil asset forfeiture cases, giving you the confidence you need to reclaim possession of your belongings during a criminal investigation.

I consider your time important, which is why I keep my services local and in Tavares, and the Lake County and Sumter County area. Conveniently located across the street from the Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court, The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Wiggs offers quality defense backed by more than two decades of legal experience. Call 352-253-0100 to schedule an immediate free initial consultation with me, attorney Jeffrey W. Wiggs. Fight your drug charges with confidence. Call me today.