DUI Manslaughter — Tough Charges That Require Tough Representation

In my more than 28 years as a criminal defense lawyer in Tavares, Florida, I've seen prosecutors throw the book at people for making honest mistakes. From first offenses to felony DUI/DWI charges, I've been there for hundreds of people in their time of need. I've protected them from aggressive prosecution that might otherwise have violated their rights and made sure that they got the best possible outcome for their situation.

I am attorney Jeffrey W. Wiggs, and I believe in protecting my clients' rights to the fullest extent. This is the most true when it comes to DUI manslaughter charges. Considered one of the more serious drunk driving offenses in Florida, defendants face an uphill battle against prosecutors who will not shy away from seeking the highest possible punishment. With me at their side, though, my clients have a fighting chance to get a fairer deal.

The Penalties You Could Face In Florida

If you cause a fatal crash while under the influence of alcohol, you could be charged with DUI manslaughter. Though the crash may have been a complete accident on your part, the law here in Florida takes these offenses very seriously. Steep fines and mandatory minimum sentence of at least four years are among a defendant's top concerns. The possibility of other penalties, such as ignition interlock device installation, only makes the need for a proper defense that much more necessary.

Like with all criminal offenses, the severity of a DUI manslaughter charge depends on the facts of the case, which is why it's important to seek legal representation right away after a fatal drunk driving accident. If an investigation isn't started immediately, crucial evidence could get missed – evidence that could mean the difference between a few years in jail and more than a decade away from your family.

You Have Options That Don't Need To End In A Plea Deal

Many prosecutors will push for plea deals in drunk driving cases, saying that the deal is in the defendant's best interests. But for many people, this isn't the case at all. I try to educate my clients before they take a plea deal. I tell them honestly whether the deal is a good one or not. I even tell my clients if there are better options, such as taking their case to court.

I keep my practice local in the Tavares area because I think my time is best spent on your defense and getting you quality results. I help clients across Lake County or Sumter County who are facing serious DUI/DWI charges, including DUI manslaughter charges, and I can help you. Call my law firm, The Law Office of Jeffrey W. Wiggs, to immediately schedule your free initial consultation. Let me be the focused counsel you need. Call me today at 352-253-0100.